faithHighway Church Solutions

faithHighway Church Solutions

Church Management Software that Connects the Church

Welcome to IgniteCRM Church Edition, a robust, web-based Church Relationship Management software created to empower ministry leaders for accelerated church growth through increased visitor retention and member engagement.

According to a Barna Group Research:

- 45% are willing to try a new church
- 84% were identified that being active in a church was a very desirable goal
- 32% that do change church were never contacted after they left the previous church

What does this mean? Believers are called to an active faith, and when needs are neglected then the spiritual health of the church body is weak. How can you inspect the health of your church if you do not know how visitors, guests, and members are being connected? Church Relationship Management is the essence of IgniteCRM Church Edition.

Church Membership Software: Cornerstone, Not Stumbling Block

After conversing with pastors and finding out their needs, as well as the frustrations and stumbling blocks caused by their current church management software, faithHighway developed IgniteCRM Church Edition as the solution to meet the needs of pastors, churches, and ministries. IgniteCRM is a web-based church management software that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your church to best manage church relationships at an affordable price. As a web-based church membership software, your staff and volunteers can access and/or update information from any computer. It is the core upon which you can build.

Just some of the things that IgniteCRM Church Edition allows you to do is manage attendance with check-ins, utilize searches and reports so you can get the information that you want, track contacts and conversation notes, match member attributes with ministry needs, monitor contributions, limit and control staff access to specific information, utilize financial capabilities, and much more.

Supplying Churches With Tools that Accelerate Church Growth

Church management software that is focused on relationships, with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, is what IgniteCRM Church Edition is all about. It is an accelerator for church growth. To get started today, visit or, to speak with a representative, call 877.703.2484 and press 2.

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