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Your church or ministry can reach 2000 homes for every dollar invested in television air time on stations like ESPN and CNN, debunking the myth that church marketing through the TV is expensive.  In fact, that is more affordable and a more effective marketing tool than direct mail.  Since 1991, over 10,000 churches have effectively used faithHighway’s church commercials for outreach.  An independent survey found that over 85% of the churches who utilized faithHighway church commercials showed measurable growth within the first six months of use.


faithHighway is the world leader in providing powerful, affordable, and best church commercials to market the church.  You can select an option that fits your vision and community best from a catalogue of over 75 church commercials, or you can go with custom church commercials upon request.  faithHighway serves you as a partner, consultant, and Christian media agency, helping your church or ministry with its church marketing needs.

Your TV Commercial Market Can Be Reached.

Regardless of your location, church commercials can be placed in every TV market in all 50 states as well as several countries around the world. faithHighway has been working with churches and ministries for over 13 years to place church commercials on the air, and have seen hundreds of testimonies highlighting church growth, stories of salvation, and dramatic stories including averted suicides and reconciliation in broken homes.  You are encouraged to browse our Church Marketing Portfolio and see how your church can benefit with a faithHighway partnership or contact faithHighway to get started with church media and a church marketing plan by receiving a free church consultation.

Best Church Commercials for Effective Church Marketing Results.

Church Commercials. Affordable Church Marketing.

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